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Your secret weapon for fertility!

Why CTC can be your secret weapon when it comes to fertility!

What the hell is CTC and what does it have to do with fertility I hear some of you asking.

CTC or combined therapy cocktail is a therapy that has been designed to create rapid transformational change in mindset, allowing you to break through the barriers that have previously held you back from achieving your dreams.

The combinations of modalities in CTC are very powerful, and work together to help you make shifts in your habitual thinking and to communicate with your subconscious mind to help align all aspects of yourself to one common goal of fulfilling your highest purpose.

Over the years I have met with so many women who have struggled to have a baby, many with undiagnosed infertility and they have all been given different reasons for this or often no reason at all.

With the rates or infertility or people experiencing difficulty conceiving skyrocketing (33% of all couples in the USA are resorting to IVF) it’s important to know that there are resources that you can utilise to help you improve your outcome.

There are several components within CTC that are particularly effective when it comes to fertility and they are all focused on your mindset and not your body.

The first component of CTC is a very powerful parts integration process and it is about removing any resistance. Think of resistance like this, you are in a car and you have your handbrake on, no matter how hard you push the accelerator pedal your car will not go at the same speed that you want, it chugs along, it revs and splutters. Now you may say my car is not working properly and take it to the mechanic and ask for a bigger engine but once again your handbrake is on and the car does not work the way it is supposed to, it uses much more force than necessary and so burns itself out.

This is what happens to us when different parts of ourselves are not all aligned. No matter how much energy or force we are putting into one area, there is something else within us creating the resistance and things are not working as they should. Here are some examples of what I mean. You want a baby but….

  • You are worried about your finances, job, career and how these will be impacted
  • You are worried about how your life will change
  • You worry about how your body will change, and fear how that will make you feel
  • You are not sure If you are ready, can you really do this, do you deserve this
  • You are already exhausted, feel tired and are anxious about life
  • You have experienced trauma in the past and are not sure if bringing a baby into this world is safe
  • You don’t feel safe
  • You have had a baby previously and felt anxiety, depression and loneliness

All of these thoughts and feelings are completely valid and there is no shame or stigma in having them. If you examine your thoughts honestly and there has been any aspect of negative emotion placed around the idea of having a baby it will keep you separated from your goal. Your subconscious mind works to serve you, to obey you and to keep you safe. If any of these thoughts are dominant or particularly emotionally charged they will take precedence. The parts integration process of CTC helps you look at these aspects of yourself and your subconscious without judgement, understand them and integrate them so that you are 100% aligned with your main end goal. All of a sudden, your handbrake is off, your car is moving at speed, its running smoothly with much more ease and less wear and tear.

Once you have realigned yourself so you no longer have any aspects in opposition to your main desires we move on to EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a powerful technique in its own right and is absolutely brilliant at reducing the emotional charge around certain issues. If you have been finding it difficult to conceive you may have emotional charge around why this is happening to you, why your body is not working the way you would like it to, that you may feel like a failure, letting your partner down or may feel very anxious or stressed. EFT is a great tool to address these feelings and reduce their intensity and impact.

Reducing the intensity of your emotions is critical, what you feel the strongest is what your subconscious mind will hear the loudest. If you put energy and emotion into thinking and feeling that your body has let you down, this is exactly what the subconscious will hear and obey. EFT has been widely used to reduce stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It also helps the endocrine system, the adrenals and chemistry in your body to return to a state that favors conception.

As you can see working with your mind is important for so many reasons not just your psychological state but also your physical state by supporting your body’s chemistry. There are many more techniques utilised during a CTC session that deeply support you to turn things around. For more information on CTC for fertility visit our website or email us at


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