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Combined Therapy Cocktail

CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail or affectionately known as Cut the Crap is a therapy that combines several tools and processes to create rapid transformational change in the people we work with.

The thought of getting therapy to help shift your beliefs and blocks can be daunting and to be honest the thought of scheduling in months of weekly visits not only puts pressure on your commitments but also your bank account. What is amazing about CTC is that it is a one-time therapy. The sessions typically go for 2.5-3 hours, once. The breakthroughs, realization and healing that occurs in this single session is life changing.

We use a range of techniques to remove the emotional charge around events in your life, to free you from limiting thinking and to help you regain your sense of self and the clarity.

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Is CTC for you?

We all run on subconscious programs that shape how we feel, think, act and view the world. Some of these aid us greatly, if we had to put conscious thought into walking every time we wanted to move we would have no room to do or learn anything else.

Other programs don’t serve us at all, they keep us small, keep us stuck and keep us having the same conversations with ourselves and repeating the same patterns over and over again.

Whether you are dealing with

  • Pain or anger from a trauma
  • Anxiety, depression or emotional overwhelm
  • Feeling stuck in your situation and not knowing what to do
  • Feeling like you want to make a change but fear is holding you in your comfort zone
  • You have illness or disease in the body
  • Are in pain and are looking for another way to heal your mind and body

CTC can help you relieve the emotional blocks and stress around these, often resulting in real physical changes within the body.

Imagine who you would be if you could live your dreams. How would your life change? How would you live differently, how would your loved ones live differently? What if you could break free from the emotions that keep you stuck and small, what If you became the person you were put on this earth to be?

All of it is possible, it all starts with you taking action. Would you use 2.5 hours of your time if this was the end result? The truth is you are good enough and you deserve to live a crazy, beautiful life.

My own personal journey with CTC

Having worked with thousands of people over 20 years in my corporate life, to help them achieve their career goals one thing had been a constant. Everyone was striving to reach their potential.

Most of my clients were merely surviving, caught up in a cycle of doing instead of being, in chaos instead of calm desperately searching for the means to thrive not just survive, placing hopes on a new job, a new career, more money as the way to fulfil that deep seeded desire. I too was once there, searching for the opportunity, looking outwards at all of those things, seeking the kind of happiness I desired.

I, as we all do, ignored the inner voice that told me there was more. I could do more, be more, contribute more, drive more change, be more connected and do it authentically.

I came across CTC at a time in my life when I could not make sense of my purpose and I felt stuck, I knew I was ready for a change I just didn’t know how to access the belief in myself and how I could get off the treadmill to take action.

After having my session with the founder and creator of the CTC program I quickly and easily began to act with intention, to move past my blockages and fears and take action to make the changes I needed in my life. I was inspired, and went on to complete my CTC practitioner training which has led me full circle and now I help others to make that transformative change that has so greatly benefitted myself.

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