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Women’s health is something that we are extremely passionate about.

Having had my own battles with fertility, working with women to help them with their reproductive health, as well as emotional and physical health is something I am very passionate about.

I work with women in the following ways:

Mastitis and breastfeeding massage

Breastfeeding whilst one of the most amazing experiences of motherhood can have its challenges and one painful one being mastitis. I offer a mastitis massage to clear the blocked ducts, drain away excess lymph, help reduce inflammation and finish with reiki to clear and remove any blocked energy and promote proper energy flow.

The session goes for 45 minutes and is $70

Breastfeeding tea also available

Fertility massage

I offer a fertility massage which is designed to help promote blood flow and remove blockages and adhesions within the female reproductive tissues, to reduce inflammation, promote positive energy flow bring the body into balance.

I use methods that can help break down fibroids and scar tissue, increase circulation and aid healing.

Session goes for 75 minutes and cost $100


CTC for infertility

CTC is a form of therapy that combines multiple disciplines to get effective and tangible results for my clients. CTC focused on our emotional state, and how our negative emotions can have a detrimental influence over our physical body. This is particularly effective for those who have undiagnosed infertility, or who are carrying around anxiety, depression or a feeling of not being good enough. (refer to my CTC page for more information)

There are many reasons for women’s infertility and as a whole we tend to only focus on the physical aspects of infertility and not the emotional. The CTC session focuses on clearing some of the emotion and resolving any underlying issues.

Session goes for 2-3 hours and cost $495


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To book an appointment or to enquire about our services please call or text us on 0412 890 228 . Alternatively you can email us at and will respond to you within 24 hours.

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